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Solar Heating

Solar energy is free, clean, safe and environmentally friendly as it enables you to reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills. High-efficiency thermal vacuum tube panels mounted onto a roof can collect energy from the sun very efficiently and effectively, transferring this solar energy into usable heat suitable for hot water and heating support.

Each solar collector in a solar heating system consists of a highly-insulated water manifold and a row of tubes. The vacuum inside each tube provides perfect insulation which protects the system from outside influences, such as cold and windy weather or high humidity and so makes the whole system very efficient.

Installation is also quick and easy because the tubes can be carried onto the roof individually. There's no need for heavy lifting equipment and so the whole process involves minimal disruption.

If solar thermal heating is used commercially or for hot water in a domestic setting, you can also benefit from the renewable heat incentive.

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